• Practice Exam Preferences?

    In the final three weeks of CCNA Security exam prep. Wanted to get help on which practice exam solutions people are finding useful. I understand its about understanding the material, but I am still curious. All inp...
    Douglas CCNA R&S
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  • Design Methodologies and Approaches: Lesson 1: Introduction to Network Design

        Lesson 1: Introduction to Network Design   Presented by André Laurent and Marwan Al-shawi.         Lesson 1: Introduction to Network Design Lesson 2: Design Approaches Les...
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  • configuring stateful dhcp for ipv6 hosts on packet tracer

    Hello,   I'm trying to test my knowledge on ipv6 by configuring stateful dhcp for a couple of hosts on a network using packet tracer. I'm not sure why it doesn't work out. I'll like to know if is possible on pac...
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  • lookup commands ? CCNA Security exam

    Does anyone know if you can lookup commands with the ? in the exam labs? And should you have indepth knowledge of ISE for this exam? A response is really appreciated.Thanks.
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  • Binary Game

    In order to pass your CCENT or CCNA Routing and Switching exam, you need to be proficient at converting decimal numbers to binary numbers and binary numbers to decimal numbers-and do so quickly.   The Cisco Lear...
    Madhukar: Cisco Team
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  • Bienvenido al Foro de Discusion en Espanol

    Le invitamos a Uds. a compartir experiencias, hacer preguntas, ofrecer respuestas, y disfrute de la comunidad!
    Ann Marcus
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  • como configurar un los servicios de voip en un router y que este a su vez de servicio de voz a otros roter de otras redes es decir exenciones remotas

    hola como estan todos tengo este pequeño reto con el que no he dado
    created by andres
  • Plan de direccionamiento IPv6 - Parte II

    *Primera parte: Plan de direccionamiento IPv6 - Parte I   Para nuestros ejemplos usaremos la Red 2001:db8:1234::/48, donde los primeros 48 bits de su plan IPv6 son fijos, éste Prefijo es asignado a la Orga...
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  • PPP

    Hi, 1- in odom's book this is what is written: "Interestingly, MLPPP load balances the data link frame by fragmenting the frame into multiple smaller frames, one per active link, as shown with the process in Figure ...
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  • Queue-limit

    Hi all, I've read Cisco DQOS Exam Certification Guide, written by Wendell Odom and Michael J. Cavanaugh. I see at page 236 that: "IOS stores packets in memory while processing the packet. When a router has complete...
    Nam Nguyen
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  • SPNG2 WorkBook ALA.pdf

    my workbook lab for ccna sp- spng2
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  • PASS CCIE Exam

    Hello Everybody, Good day I would like to share my happiness and success with you, I have cleared CCIE Routing & Switching Really I’m very honor and glad # Thanks CISCO # Thanks for (Sarah) .
    Mohamed Al-Henawy
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  • CCIE LAB Registration Question

    Hi there,   I want to register to CCIE lab and I am using my friends MASTERCARD , does it necessary to put my friends info in the Billing info ? any suggestion please   Thanks
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  • Lowest MST Revision Number

    I am studying a workbook and one of the Labs has the following requirement: "set the MST revision to the lowest value" I configured the revision# to be 0, but the example showed it as revision 1. Can someone expla...
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  • R&S lab scheduling; no dates available.

    I've notice there are practically no dates available for R&S lab exams in both RTP and San Jose. No new dates populating for either in Jan as I keep checking every day. Anyone know why? Seems strange both loca...
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  • New CCIE RS Slack study group for beginners

    New study group for beginners who just want to start journey. cciefromscratch.slack.com It is a group for people like me who wants to start learning  for CCIE RS track. I just completed materials (books, vi...
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  • source based traffic route with ospf

    Hi, I have an quick question "OSPF Routing Protocol can play with destination based routing (as normal) and modified metric also allows admin control as well. But is there any possibility to play with source based ro...
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  • CCNP Study Material?

    Hi,   I'm interested in purchasing study guides for the CCNP, however I'm a bit conflicted at the selections; I observed the CCNP has two guides (Official and Foundation) and most websites. I really just want t...
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  • New CCIE Wireless book

    Hi all,   I wanted to provide a brief update regards the upcoming CCIE Wireless book, as I know many of you have been patiently waiting for it to come out.   The very good and exciting news are that the bo...
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  • Ccie olsm login issue

    hello sir, i have a issue when i mapped my cisco.com id to ccie olsm. when i put my registration number (ccie written exam) to ccie olsm portal then it show me a "invalid input " error. it has been a 9 days since i pa...
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