• ccna cloud review; e-learning review

    I Recently studied for ccna security and had access to e learning for both icnd1 and iins. Thought the labs were great. They were often way more in depth than what was actually tested.   i Just passed icnd2 tod...
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  • CCNA R&S Study Group - Proposals

    Hey Guys,   First, thank you for showing such interest. Honestly, I never expect to receive many responses, but this is the Cisco's magic.   The proposed dates and times are as follows: A- Date/Time 1- ...
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  • Optimal Lab equipment as of 2018?

    So what setup would cover 100% while at the same time being cost friendly. Maybe also be resellable without too much worry of age. So far I got I need VLAN capabilities, IOS 15, Layer 3 switches. However, most article...
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  • IP address discovered through subnetting.

                                  Given a serial network with IP address for the R1 network is 172...
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  • What is the difference between admin & default VDC.

    Hi  ,   1. What is the difference between admin VDC and Default VDC? Need brief explanation. 2. After i created a new VDC from admin VDC. Is new VDC will take entire any module ports? or How the port alloc...
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  • A few question on default route

    I have a few questions about the route output below. 1. When creating a default route with outgoing interface name, it warns "%Default route without gateway, if not a point-to-point interface, may impact performan...
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  • Does every packet get processed by every route-map?

    If I have unused route-maps on a router, are the packets still getting processed by those route maps? What I am trying to find out is if unused route-maps will still have an impact on router resources.
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  • PPPoA simulation with GNS3

    Hello, I'm trying to simulate 2 routers, one acting as a client, another as server to simulate a PPPoA adsl connection, with GNS3 (version 2.1.12, vm version 0.10.14) I'm running 2 routers with c7200-adventerprisek9-...
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  • Question about OSPF

    Hi everybody!       I have 2 questions regarding OSPFauthentication, please correct me if I'm wrong in what I'm about to say.       I know that when you're activating authenti...
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  • Passed the ICND1 Today

    Hey, everyone   I passed this exam. Super excited until I read my score was preliminary not an official score. I have to wait 72 hours for a review for an official score. Someone PLEASE enlighten me on this proc...
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  • New WLC 5840 - Prime Version

    Hey Team,   What version of Prime should I be running on a new WLC 5840?   thanks in advance.
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  • Subnet Calculator

    Guys   I just wanted to share my subnet calculator. Before testing just draw this calculator in your board/blank paper. Good luck!   Don´t forget to minus 2 from the # of hosts line.
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  • 300-365 WIDEPLOY (Passed)

    Hi everyone,   Because the path to success is never a straight line, I am posting yesterday's failure and hopefully some people on their way to 300-365 will get my points as they are preparing for the exam. &nbs...
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  • Working on VIRL Tutorial, can't find node editor in Layer 2

    Configuring Layer-2 Switching.   I click on the link and no node editor.   Any suggestions?
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  • IOSv CPU Hog Errors?

    Recently I have been getting back into using GNS3 for lab practice during some down time at work. I am finding that often the IOSv images that I use are causing various 'CPU Hog' message to pop up in the logs. The ser...
    Emir D. Hayric
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  • Modifying interface numbering in virl nodes?

    Hello   I know that by right-clicking on your project file in Maestro and going to XML editor, you can add interfaces to your nodes, but that only adds visible and selectable interfaces in the topology/design pa...
    Arthur Yousefi
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  • Cisco ASA vs Cisco FTD

    Looks like we have to move from our Cisco ASA5500x series to the new FTD platform, and before I start down that road, I am needing to understand this platform.   So from what I can tell its bascially Sourcefire ...
    Steven Williams
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  • CCENT Questions

    Hi I'm preparing to take my CCENT(ICDN1) in 5 days time, I'm doing great with the Learn Cisco practice tests to the point where it's rare to score under 900 now, I'm wondering if anyone has any last minute cramming ad...
    Christopher Shoer
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  • Second attempt experience

    Hello Everyone in CLN,   longtime  I didn't log in since I was preparing for my second attempt for CCIE R/S, so here is my update, This morning I was supposed to be sitting the exam and I went on time and e...
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  • Regarding Router 1841 - Unable to download Firmware or Rommon.

    Hello, I just buy 2 1841 to start a mini lab, both are without CF flash and boot directly to Rommon, I was able to boot IOS 12.4 using tftpdnl -r. I wanted to update Rommon to latest so I can boot from USB, but I ca...
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