• Router or Switch Hangs on Bootup

    After about my 20th time installing ViRL trying all available versions and rolling back to Workstation 12 i now finally have the Console option woring in VM Maestro, however i know have ran into another issue, no matt...
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  • port oversubscribe rate on enterprise data center

    Hi all, What will be an ideal port subscription rate in mid size enterprise network with 3 tier design on access layer, distribution layer and server farm? I can understand that this value is changeable on network to...
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  • VPN with same subnet of the Interesting Traffic

    Hello everyone,   Is it possible to have the same subnet on the Interesting Traffic on both sides of the VPN tunnel? Similar to the following diagram, there is same subnet behind PAN/FG (Site A) as Server's IP...
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  • tacacs server instead of tacacs-server host

    In which IOS version the command  tacacs server <server-name> was introduced. I cannot seem to find any documentation about this.
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  • Cisco ID Pending at Pearson VUE - nobody is able to sort this out

    hello,   I'm having an issue that on my Pearson VUE account it's saying CSCO ID is pending.   I called Pearson VUe to open a case and they said its a problem with myCisco account. then I called Cisco and ...
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  • EIGRP multi-paths

    I have multiple parallel paths to a loopback host route.  If I sh ip route, I just see only one route via one next hop.  If I sho ip route x.x.x.x, I see both paths, both next hops. I expected to see the rou...
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  • cli role based to access control --parser formation

    I have defined 2 users restricted authority to access certain there .you can port security active - deactive . conf t enable password xxxx aaa new-model aaa authentication login default local aaa authorization exe...
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  • Nexus (NXOS) Tricks

    My wife and I put together a short video showing some tricks you can use on Nexus switches. Hopefully, these can save you some time  
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  • Invalid Assessment Session

    I've been having trouble taking one of my practice skill assessment on netacad. When I click on take assessment I get a invalid assessment session. So far I have tried to: 1. update Java 2. using chrome, firefox, an...
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  • New 500-710 exam

    Hi All   Has anyone done the 500-710 exam - Video infrastructure implementation.   Doing it soon so want to get an idea on the Spark and Webex stuff.   Thanks
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  • WL Client not getting the maximum speed of internet

    I have Cisco 5508 WLC and Cisco 3502I-E and the internet speed 120mb when i test the internet speed from wired internet i get the maximum speed but from wireless i get only 35mb. Is there any modification can be done...
    Ayman Roshdy
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  • First step of CCNP Wireless

    HI, I would like to start with CCNP Wireless but I have couple of questions for you guys which exam I have to start first? where I can find good and cheap meteria? Thanks
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  • ACI flood domain for BPDU - different physical domains

    Hello,   I am looking for an answer for STP BPDUs flood domain based on different physical domains.   Scenario: L2 interface configuration for LEAF 101 and 102 - VLAN Scope global (default) LEAF 101 eth-...
    created by NileshG
  • H.323 call interworking

    In an H.323 call to that is not interworked, are signaling protocols routed through the Expressway? If so, which ones?
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  • VIRL NX-OSv9k BGP EVPN VXLAN issue with vn-segment

    Hello everyone, Today I'm facing an issue with my lab.I'm trying to setup a BGP EVPN VXLAN without PIM. Nothing wierd happened until I setup the client access ports.   Behaviour expected : get an untag trafic ...
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  • CCIE R&S study Partner from Europe or England

    Hi everyone, I am looking for study partner for CCIE R&S. I am looking for someone who is really serious about the exam. I used this matrial for study:      INE and IPexpert Video  &n...
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  • VIRL 1.5.145 IOSXR errors

    Hi   Im having major difficulties booting IOSXRv or IOSXR9000v nodes.   I can add IOS and nxos nodes fine but IOSXR are taking forever and reporting multiple errors as below. I have installed the images f...
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    Hello I am new to the CISCO Exam world, and I am currently studying for my CCNA CYBER OPS exam. I was wondering if the exam had any labs in it and if so where could I purchase them to study.   I currently am us...
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  • Help Needed - Static Routes with IPSLA and Route-maps

    Hello everyone, I need help in the following topology. Can we fulfill the following requirements: 1. All traffic from Blue Subnet should use the link with the ISP-1 and all traffic from Red Subnet should use th...
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  • The TCP/IP Model Explained

    Hi!   Here's a video explaining the TCP/IP model, which we need to know for CCENT/CCNA.   The TCP/IP model was in competition with the famous OSI model. But TCP/IP grew into protocols that are very common ...
    created by Luke